ADHD Counseling

west chester ADHD counseling“I empower clients who experience challenges in attention, organization, and impulsivity to set goals and create strategies to achieve personal and career success.”
– Marjorie R. Johnson, LCSW, PCC

Do you experience chronic challenges in attention, organization, and impulsivity? Are you often late and forgetful? Do you lose things, miss deadlines at work, procrastinate, and find that your mind and body are constantly moving? Are you easily bored? If so, you may suffer from ADHD. Help is available for all those affected, including parents of children, teens and young adults.

I’ve been treating people with ADHD symptoms for over 20 years, and I am an active member of the local professional advisory board of CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD). Your ADHD treatment begins with assessment. I use a variety of tools to assure the accuracy of the diagnosis and to zero in on the specific ways ADHD affects YOU. Then we explore treatment options which may include medical intervention, education, and local support groups. I have created the F.O.C.U.S. counseling strategy that has helped hundreds of people who share your challenges.

F. Find your strengths

O. Organize your life

C. Care for yourself

U. Understand your condition

S. Seek support

Whether you suspect you or your child has ADHD, or if you have been recently diagnosed or have had little professional support to manage the condition, the FOCUS counseling approach will be helpful for you. As a result of our work together, you will be better able to stop “overwhelm,” manage your time, achieve business and career success, improve relationships, and organize your life.

Are you an older student or adult who has been diagnosed with ADHD for some time?

Do you have a thorough understanding of this condition? If so, ADHD coaching may be the service you need. This non-medical model focuses on your personal and career goals for the future and creates strategies to achieve them. I am a professional coach, certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), and have been providing ADHD coaching for over 12 years. Coaching is not covered by health insurance.

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