Anxiety & Stress

chester county anxiety counseling

Do you experience worry, nervousness, muscular tension, difficulty sleeping, or panic attacks?  Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems of our day. Are you stressed from juggling multiple demands? Whether you have recently begun experiencing anxiety or have had anxiety for many years, Marjorie can help. Anxiety counseling includes an assessment of the specific causes and symptoms of your anxious feelings. From the first session, we will create strategies so you feel calmer and more composed.

Anxiety treatment begins with:

  • Identifying the triggers that bring on episodes of anxiety (or fuels the free-floating anxiety you may feel all day long).
  • Acknowledging the cause and feelings as they are with compassion
  • Facing the fear with compassion and self-soothing techniques

This form of exposure therapy is gradual, supportive, and gets excellent results along with other strategies. Anxiety therapy improves self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-compassion. Clients report they are calmer throughout the day and sleep better. Marjorie’s Mindfulness Meditation groups are especially helpful for those experiencing anxiety and stress. Check the Ascend Counseling Events for dates and times.

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