delaware county counselingDo you experience worry, nervousness, muscular tension, difficulty sleeping, or panic attacks? If so, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems of our day. Whether you have recently begun experiencing anxiety, or whether it’s something you suspect you have had for many years, I can help. Together we will assess the specific causes and symptoms of your anxious feelings, and create a set of strategies so you feel calmer and more composed. You’ll be increasingly able to stop excessive worry and more fully participate in life.

I address the anxiety associated with:

  • Public speaking
  • Chronic illness
  • Relationship problems
  • Career stress

Treatment may include mindfulness meditation, cognitive behavioral techniques, practical strategies to address life stressors and relationship problems, as well as changes in lifestyle and sleeping habits. Anxiety disorders respond very well to treatment. If you’re suffering with anxiety, don’t wait. Call 610-696-4443 to schedule your first session so you can begin to experience relief.

Periodically, I offer groups as well as individual, couples, and family sessions. My mindfulness meditation groups are especially helpful for those experiencing anxiety and stress. Check the Ascend Counseling Upcoming Events for dates and times.


Stress is the response of the body to any demand. Even positive life events such a wedding, a birth or a great new job, can cause stress in an individual, a team or a family system. While stress does not represent a mental health disorder, it can cause unpleasant pressure which can detract from optimal functioning and enjoyment of life. Positive psychology has given us many tools to thrive even while experiencing significant challenges.

Stress Management Training

I teach stress management skills one on one, and in small groups. Attendees learn practical ways to:

  • Transform stress into stretch
  • Stop the worry cycle with real life coping skills
  • Practice self care
  • Apply deep breathing and progressive relaxation techniques
  • Develop a positive attitude through intentional self-talk

What Attendees Are Saying About My Stress Management Training

  • Fun, focused, and flexible
  • Great ideas, learned a lot
  • I was able to apply the concepts to my personal life and career
  • I liked the mix of instruction and activity
  • Energy of Marjorie’s facilitation was very high