west chester depression counselingDepression and sad feelings can come from a variety of sources. Sometimes depressed feelings can actually begin in childhood due to life stressors such as physical or emotional abuse, prolonged family conflict or loss. For others, clinical depression is triggered by a recent life stressor or illness. And for some, episodic periods of clinical depression can occur intermittently throughout life. Whatever the cause, depression robs you of your energy, zest for living, concentration, and sleep.

My treatment of depression encompasses a variety of techniques and therapies including cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, interpersonal, mindfulness meditation, and family systems. I employ a customized holistic approach to help clients overcome the life challenges and emotional distress that is associated with depression. In all cases, we begin with YOU – your current situation and the specific ways depression is affecting you, your relationships, and your life. We’ll talk about strengths and past challenges that you have successfully overcome, then we’ll apply some of those proven strengths and add some new strategies to help you alleviate your current distress. You will leave your first session with greater self-acceptance, a sense of hope, and practical tools so you start to feel better right away.

I encourage you to give me call 610-696-4443 and schedule your initial appointment, so you can begin the healing process and rediscover your zest for life.