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west chester pa psychotherapist Marjorie Johnson

Marjorie is the president of Ascend Counseling, Inc., and she has over 30 years of experience providing counseling and psychotherapy for adults and teens. Ascend Counseling provides a caring and professional environment which allows clients to gain perspective, increase self-awareness, and develop practical strategies, so they are better equipped to handle life’s challenges. Her approach is holistic, incorporating many therapeutic approaches including family systems, cognitive behavioral, mindfulness, interpersonal, and dialectical behavioral therapies. Marjorie’s specializations include anxiety, depression, relationships, and ADHD.

As a professional motivational speaker, Marjorie frequently delivers keynotes and training to community groups, corporations, and non-profits on topics like stress management, communication, conflict management, and work-life balance.

Titles include:

  • “’Breathe’ Your Way To Healthy! Increase Wellness Through Mindfulness”   
  • “Getting To We: Creating Collaboration Through Communication”
  • “From Stressed To Resilient: Controlling The Circus Act Of Your Life”
  • “How To Manage Multiple Priorities And Get Organized”
  • “Quiet The Inner Critic For A Calmer And Happier You”
  • “Got Workplace tension? Difficult Conversations Made Easier”   
  • “It’s Not IQ It’s EQ: People Skills That Work

Be sure to listen to a sample track of Marjorie’s meditation CD that she has written and recorded, titled “Come to the Quiet: Meditation for Relaxation and Healing”.

Marjorie serves on the Professional Advisory Board for CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and provides both counseling and coaching to students and adults with ADHD. In addition to being an experienced therapist, she is a professional coach certified by the International Coaching Federation (PCC) and a past President ICF: Philadelphia. Marjorie is a qualified Myers-Briggs® personality inventory consultant, which is helpful to individual career coaching, couples counseling, and teams. She is certified in EQi-2.0, trained in “Conversational Intelligence” (Judith Glaser ), and “Dare to Lead” (Brene‘ Brown). Find Marjorie on Psychology today and Therapy Tribe.

Financial Arrangements

Payment is by check, cash, or credit card through PayPal. Marjorie’s clients highly value their confidentiality and privacy, so she does not participate with any insurance company as an in-network provider. The benefits of working with Ascend Counseling as an out-of-network provider include:

  • Avoiding managed care protects your privacy and confidentiality.
  • Treatment length and level of care are based on what works for you, not on the insurance company’s dictates.
  • Together, we will choose the therapeutic strategies that best meet your needs rather than the dictates of an insurance company employee who may have little clinical training.
  • You’ll be working with an experienced clinician recommended by your physician rather than an unknown name from an insurance list.

One psychotherapy session costs about the same as a good meal for two: Aren’t you and your family’s mental/emotional health worth it?

Please note: You may receive partial reimbursement from insurance under your out-of-network mental health coverage. Be sure to check on this coverage with your insurance company to mitigate the cost.

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