Counseling Groups

Group counseling can be a helpful part of personal development through education, the support and understanding of others who share your goals, and the therapist’s facilitation.

Ascend Consulting’s 30 years of expertise customized offers a variety of groups designed to support your personal development and emotional health and relationship goals.

Below is just a sampling of the groups and workshops offeredchester county depression counseling


  • Assertiveness – It’s Not a Dirty Word
  • Creative Conflict and Anger Management
  • Communicate Clearly and Listen Well

Personal Empowerment

  • Productivity and Quality in Work and Family Life
  • Achieve! Six Steps to Realizing Your Goals
  • What You Think is What You Get!

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation is a simple yet effective way to quiet the mind and relax the body.  While there are many different practices essentially, it begins with simply sitting quietly, breathing slowly and deeply and following the breath with your full awareness as it moves into the body on the inhale and as it leaves the body slowly on the exhale.  If your mind wanders simply notice that it wandered and gently bring it back to the breath with no self criticism.  Soon the body “downshifts” into a more physiologically relaxed state and our emotions and thoughts quiet down.    The health benefits are legion and well documented.  The benefits at work include: more focus, better communication, improved teamwork and creative problem solving.  Ready to learn and begin to reap the many benefits?

Women’s Support Groups and Workshops

A variety of groups geared to women’s issues are offered periodically. Topics include self-esteem, codependency and parenting issues. Contact me to see what programs are currently being offered.