montgomery county counselingAre you experiencing conflict or distance with a loved one? We all desire positive family relationships because they are essential to happiness and well-being. When relationships break down, due to external factors such as financial difficulties, illness, caring for elderly parents, substance abuse, unemployment, or people simply growing apart, the emotional pain can be overwhelming.

I can help you and your loved one(s) to find a way to create healthy communication, build trust, and learn how to work through conflict to produce workable solutions and increased closeness.

I have successfully treated relationships between

  • Husbands and wives
  • Romantic partners
  • Parents and teens
  • Whole families
  • Elderly parents and adult children
  • Business partners

My 30 years experience has taught me that every client’s situation is unique. Therefore, I approach relationship counseling with an assessment: by listening to understand fully the dynamics, the history, and the behaviors involved. Often within the first session, I can make practical suggestions that begin to turn the family dynamics in a positive direction. I teach communication strategies and conflict management skills and I give my clients homework related to these skills to begin implementing behavioral changes.

It takes courage to bring these issues to a counselor, and I respect the willingness of my clients to trust me with their problems. Are you wondering if you should come if the other person will not? Yes! This will positively impact the relationship. When one person in a couple or family changes, this ripples through the rest of the system which creates a new beginning.

Myers Briggs Type Inventory – Personality Assessment

As a qualified MBTI consultant, I provide testing, interpretation, and application of results for individuals and couples. When clients understand their natural preference for introversion or extraversion and learn their preferred style of perceiving information and making decisions, this brings understanding to many relationship challenges. Conflict is reduced when couples learn to speak one another’s language and respect each other’s unique contributions to the relationship.