west chester couples counseling

Whether you are a couple, a parent and child, a family, or business partners, sustaining healthy relationships can be rewarding and one of the most challenging parts of life. In couples counseling, you will create healthy communication, build trust and practical conflict management skills so you can create solutions and grow closer.

Every client’s situation is unique. Therefore, Marjorie approachs couples counseling by listening to understand fully your unique dynamics, history, and challenges. Within the first couples therapy session, you will gain practical strategies to turn your relationships in a positive direction. A Conversational Intelligence Enhanced Skills Coach, Marjorie teaches communication strategies and conflict management skills to create behavioral change. Often she uses personality assessments such as the Myers-Briggs® assessment to help couples understand and work together based on understanding and accommodating their differences.

“What if my partner won’t come to counseling… should I come alone?”

Yes! One person can often shift the balance of trust versus conflict in a relationship. When one person in a couple or family changes, this ripples through the rest of the system, which creates a new beginning.

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