The Rigors of ICF Coach Certification

Once upon a time, I became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Owner of Ascend Consulting, Inc., providing Psychotherapy and Counseling.  Then one day, I had the honor of attending 3 days of Coach Training in Philadelphia with Thomas Leonard, the “Father of Coaching”.  It was fascinating to watch Thomas’ compelling style of asking insightful, challenging questions to move clients to act!  to achieve their goals.  I enrolled in his coaching school “Coachville,” on the spot! 

During the next several years the ICF was growing and credentialing requirements were evolving. After taking over 265 hours of training and meeting the additional requirements of 2 recorded sessions, a live coaching exam and over 250 coaching hours, I was certified by the ICF as an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) in 2007.

Over the next several years my training continued and my coaching hours serving clients began to add up. In 2012, I was President of the ICF: Philadelphia Chapter.  In 2013, I achieved my PCC (Professional Certified Coach) designation after mentor coaching continuing education and an exam that took 13 hours!

Since then, I have become certified in the EQ-I and Hogan assessments, and graduated from Judith Glasser’s Conversational Intelligence coach training.  I love this work which allows me to partner with my clients to expand their self-awareness, go deeper and wider than they thought they could, and to support them as they tap into their own answers.  I am a professional nudge, so they stay accountable to themselves and achieve their goals.

The story continues as this year I will submit my 40+ hours of ICF: approved continuing education and renew my PCC.  And, I will continue in my 2 peer supervision groups so I can keep learning and honing my skills as an Executive and Career coach.  The requirements are rigorous and I am proud that they are!

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