The Week That Can Change Everything

ADHD Counselor

Don’t miss this extraordinary week of insight & answers for women with ADHD!

Have you come up for air yet? 

After the year we have been through, it is not such a crazy question. It was almost like we hit the “hold” button for a long, long time, holding our collective breaths.

Where was the novelty? Where was our dopamine hit? Where was the inspiration?

We are unleashing it in one amazing week at the 6th Annual ADHD Women’s Palooza which kicks off March 8, 2021.

Hosted by my friend and colleague, Linda Roggli of, the Palooza is like no other learning opportunity. Join more than 30 experts for accurate, cutting-edge information and inspiration for and about the women of ADHD.

Mark your calendar for the 6th Annual ADHD Women’s Palooza on March 8-13, 2021!

Topics cover the life span of adult ADHD women from dating to pregnancy to managing a career and personal growth.

Successful female business leaders and entrepreneurs sometimes have symptoms of ADHD.

If this is you, read on!

It is an extraordinary week of insight and strategies exclusively for women with ADHD presented by more than 30 ADHD experts, including Sari Solden, Terry Matlen, Melissa Orlov, Tracy Otsuka, Alan Brown, Laurie Dupar, Drs.  William W. Dodson, Edward Hallowell, …and ME!

I will be discussing “Yes, You Can Meditate: Wandering Minds Welcome!”

Are you ready to move forward with a deeper understanding of your personal “brand” of ADHD?

See you March 8-13!

Marjorie Johnson
Founder of Ascend Counseling

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